Kenyan Youth Futures Australia (KYFA) is a not-for-profit organisation brokering educational transformation in rural Kenya. In rural western Kenya most of the country’s brightest primary school students never progress to High school because of school fees and costs associated with education.

Children who have experienced family disruption due to the AIDS pandemic, or who’s family have meagre resources have no way forward after primary school.

ose students will be caught in the poverty cycle.

Students often say to us, “Please can you help me get to high school?” They want to go on with their schooling and be able to contribute back to their community, but circumstances prevent them.

KYFA has worked in Kenya since 2007, providing students with financial support and leadership training throughout their high school education. Many of those students now hold professional level University degrees and are set to contribute back to their communities.

Key Values

  • Sustainability – development that produces increasing resources
  • Partnership – mutually transformational relationships
  • Integrity – transparency and accountability in everything
  • Stewardship – the thoughtful release of time, talents and resources
  • Reflexivity – ongoing evaluation and adaptation
  • Cultural Security – the recognition of the beauty and brokenness of all cultures and need for healing and restoration

Meet The Team

Dr. Phyllis Moore  


Phyllis is the Principal Clinical Psychologist with Lifeworks Psychology Australia. She is a mother of 3 grown children and has 4 grandchildren. She has and been working in Kenya since 2007.

Ming Poi Yew  

Deputy Chair

Ming has worked for the State Government in a number of senior roles. She is currently in a management role with the Department of Mines focusing on State and Commonwealth outcomes. She has broad experience leading teams and initiatives in Information Technology. She is the mother of 2 energetic boys.

Melanie Longhurst   


Melanie is mother to 3 young children, previous business owner, health and wellbeing consultant, business development manager, and now works part time in communications for Westcity Church.

Jo Griffith     

Fundraising and Social Media

Jo is a Builder and owner of Red Lily Renovations. She is the mother of 2 girls and has done a number of voluntary roles including going to in Kenya in 2011.

Jacqui Robinson      

Strategic Planning

Jacqui fills a number of voluntary roles in community and church engagement. She was born in Africa and spent her early years there. She is a pharmacist by training and has 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Sharon Sephton       

Accounting and Financial Reports

Sharon is an accountant and has been a stockbroker. She is currently setting up a new business assisting women to establish financial security.

Irene Mwangi        

KYF Alumni Support

Irene has worked in Australia for a number of NGOs. She is mother of 3. She was born and raised in Kenya.